Education and Training

A subsidiary of The Summit Group, Securities Operations Forum is an information center for securities operations professionals in the financial services industry. SOF provides training courses, workshops, news and research to banks, broker/dealers, insurance companies, vendors, regulatory agencies and industry associations.
The training services include:

  • Open enrollment courses focused on topics of interest to operations professionals in the financial industry. These classes are held in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. The small size of the classes encourages students to interact with our instructors who are all practicing professionals in the financial industry.
  • Clients can customize course content by combining topics or tuning the focus to their specific needs, and the courses can be delivered at the client's offices.
  • SOF worked with ISITC, Seton Hall University and industry experts to develop an e-Learning program with a comprehensive list of courses on topics across the securities industry. Students can either take individual e-learning courses or take the courses towards a complete industry-recognized credential.




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