Project Management

The rapid changes in the financial services industry have dramatically increased the demand for experienced program and project managers.  TSG has extensive experience in managing a wide range of programs and projects in the US and internationally.

Our assignments have included targeted projects with a specific set of goals and near-term deadlines to major programs where we have accepted responsibility for all aspects of a major client strategy that extends over several years. 

Effective program and project management requires:

  • Analysis – Understand the goals, resources and constraints
  • Planning – Identify the detailed tasks required to meet the objectives
  • Participant coordination – Gain the cooperation of people with specific project responsibilities/deliverables who do not report directly to the project manager
  • Follow-up – Tenaciously track the progress of every detail
  • Reporting – Accurately and efficiently report on the project progress and identify potential problems as early in the process as possible
  • Administration – Track the resource usage and report on potential issues

To accomplish this variety of tasks, we have professionals who are experienced with various project management tools, and who interact well with client managers at all levels from C-Level executives to first line supervisors.


Project Management
Project Administration

Systems Development Project
Systems Implementation Project
Departmental Reengineering Project
Off-shoring Project
Systems Conversion Project

Project Management

TSG staff are experienced in developing detailed project plans, monitoring the progress, identifying areas for additional effort and overall maintaining a pace that leads to on-time on-budget projects.


Project Administration

Managers of complex projects often need some additional administrative support to track the many deliverables, and a project administrator can fill this role.




Project Management – Systems Development

Supplemented a client's resources by assuming project management responsibility for major segments of overall systems development project. Advised the project manager on controls and management techniques, prepared weekly management updates and identified potential problem areas before they affected the project.


Project Management – Systems Implementation

Project Manager of a General Ledger implementation team. Conducted requirement analysis, defined implementation tasks and managed the project team of employees and consultants. Instrumental in successfully completing the pilot within extremely tight deadlines.


Project Management - Re-engineering

Project Manager of a comprehensive project to document existing procedures and develop an efficient re-engineering solution.  Once the solution was identified, our PM managed the change process.


Project Management – Off-shoring

Project Manager for the efficient transfer of operational processes from the U.S. to an Asian country.


Project Management - Systems Conversion

Project Manager of the conversion from a large number of individually developed PC applications to a structured process.  


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